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  I make puppet shows and art experiences which allow us to ask questions together. I aim to celebrate inquiry and curiosity in shared spaces through performances and installations which examine the complicated ideations of the glorious and the strange. My work is embedded in a practice of community and embodied research. Subjects have included alterity, 19th century feminist craft, submarines, freshwater mussels, model trains, and the nature of hope.

After growing up in a town of 1300 people in the Pocono Mountains, I've lived a lot of places. I ride a bike. You can ask me about it. I'm currently based in the great northern city of Minneapolis.  I hold an MFA in Puppetry Arts from the University of Connecticut, where I served as the Graduate Assistant at the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry. Go Huskies. 



Artist Statement: Deeply rooted in community, my work seeks to honor our shared imagination and curiosity through accessible object performance, movement, and puppetry. This art form invites us to come together to make use of refuse and create the worlds we hope to inhabit. I am inspired by obsessive research and our collective need for curiosity, understanding and joy. My work often uses found objects, cardboard, and fiddly technical assemblages to illustrate complex subjects and honor the inanimate.

Photo by Daniela Buvat
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